FAQ الأسئلة الشائعة


1- how can i have an wholesale account?

Kindly head to our wholesale inquiries section.

How do I open a wholesale sales account?

 Please go to the Wholesale Sales box.


2- is it free shipping?

Any order above 200SR is considered free shipping to the whole kingdom.

Is free delivery?
Any order over 200 riyals or more is considered free delivery to all regions of the Kingdom


3- do you ship internationally?

We do not ship internationally at the moment.

Is there an international shipping?

Currently we do not ship internationally.

4 - what time is your operation?

operating hours are from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM from Sunday-Thursday.

What are your work times?

Our working hours are every day from Sunday to Thursday from 8 am-5pm.


5- are you a coffee shop?

We are a roastery.

Are you a café?

We are toaster


6- do you offer training?

kindly check our website for our training & services


Do you provide training?

Please visit our website to know full details of our courses and services.


7- Can we pass by anytime to talk?

kindly set an a ppointment for us to take you through it.

Is there a good time to meet you?

Please contact us to arrange an appointment

8- do you guys provide Green coffee beans?

No we do not.

Do you supply green coffee?

 We do not supply green coffee

9- i received an order but it was not complete or wrong order what to do?

Extremely sorry for the mistake, kindly contact us asap & will take care of it.

I made an order but there is a problem What should I do?

Very sorry for the problem, please contact us to be of service to you as soon as possible.


10- do you roast the beans that the customer brings

Apologies we do not.

Do you roast coffee from a third party?

Sorry, we do not roast coffee that is not affiliated with us.

11- returns of products 

Kindly check our policy section on our website.

Is there a retrieval?

Please kindly check the attached policy on the website  for the retrieval mechanism

12- Is it ready stock or roast by order?

Roast by order

Is stock ready or roast as per  request

Customized roasting.



13- What's your minimum order for a wholesale?

20kg above 

What is the lowest amount of wholesale prices?

The minimum quantity for a sentence is 20 kilos.

14- Will my coffee be ground?

to ensure the quality of your coffee we prefer to give them as beans to have a better cup taste after grinding.

Do you receive ground coffee?

 To ensure the quality of coffee, it is preferable to receive ground coffee.

15- Where is your location?

 we are located in industrial city thuqbah.

Where is your website

We are present in Al Thuqbah industrial.


16- What payment methods do you accept?

we do accept visa & Mada payments.

What types of payments are acceptable?

We accept Visa or Mada payments